Eyelids of dogs can grow abnormal hairs. These hairs grow from the oil glands (Meibomian glands) of the lids and are called distichia if the hair protrudes from the oil gland opening onto the edge of the eyelid. Distichia are often irritating, especially if the hairs are long and stiff.

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Symptoms:  Dogs with distichiasis may show no symptions, or have slight intermittent squinting and/or rubbing of the eyes, to severe squinting and discomfort.

Treatment Options:  If the distichia do not appear to be causing any problems, they are usually left untreated. If they are rubbing on the surface of the cornea, a surgical procedure is usually recommended to remove them.


Known Mode of Inheritance:  Unknown

 Age of onset:  Varies  

Breeds affected: 

  • Cardigan: yes
  • Pembroke: yes
  • Other Breeds: yes

 Incidence in Cardigans:  Unknown


  • Cardigans: no
  • Other breeds: yes
  • Active?: no

Tests Available:  Physical examination

Published papers and Articles: 


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