One of the most common cancers diagnosed in dogs.  Lymphoma is typically fatal, but life expectancy and quality of life can be improved with early diagnosis and treatment.

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Symptoms: Can vary depending on location and stage of this cancer.  Swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst or urination, lethargy.

Treatment Options: To date chemotherapy has been the most successful treatment, prolonging life expectancy by many months to years depending on several factors such as stage and type of lymphoma. 

Known Mode of Inheritance: Unknown in cardigans.  Some markers have been explored for specific forms of lymphoma in other breeds.

Age of onset: any

Breeds affected

  • Cardigan: yes
  • Pembroke: yes
  • Other Breeds: yes

Incidence in Cardigans: Unknown.


  • Cardigans: no
  • Other breeds: yes
  • Active?: yes

Registry: no

Tests Available: no

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