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Health Tests Available to Cardigans

The OFA offers screening tests and open registry for the following:

The OFA collaborates with CERF and BAER to provide test results in their database.

  • CERF and the OFA
  • BAER Hearing Test
  • rcd3 PRA test results can be submitted to the OFA registry by providing a copy of the lab results along with the DNA Application form
  • The OFA now has an all breed Dentition database.
  • OFA Spinal screening is available, but results are currently not listed in the open database.
    NOTE: The application lists this test as only for Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, but Cardigans can be submitted with a note to identify their breed.

PennHip offers an alternative to OFA hip screening by evaluating joint laxity. Unfortunately this is a closed registry and only offers information to registered members. However, the OFA now allows owners to post PennHip scores in the OFA database.  Contact the OFA for submission information.

DNA Banking

DNA Banking through OFA is a very affordable way help research in the future.
CHIC DNA Repository 

The NHGRI (National Humen Genetic Research Institute) Dog Genome Project is collecting samples to help identify markers for many genetic diseases in dogs, including Addison’s.
Blood samples are needed and they will supply the necessary collection materials.
Contact information:

Erica Chapman, CBG/NHGRI/NIH
50 South Drive, Bldg 50, Room 5347
Bethesda, MD 20892-8000

Additional Tests Available to Cardigans


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