Be A Saint For Cardigans 2013

Our 2013 Fundraiser is now completed.
This year we were able to raise $250 which will be placed in our Be A Saint (BAS) fund
which will eventually be used to start an Acorn Grant with the CHF to support
a Cardigan focused autimmune research project.  The CHF requires a minimum of $1,000
to start such a grant, so we will continue to work towards this goal.

Donors who give $20 or more will receive a handmade ornament as our thank-you. 


Past Be A Saint Sucess

Our 2nd Annual BAS fundraiser for 2012 was able to raise a total of $250
which will help Dr. Marcus Rick in his work to develop an early detection test
for canine Addison’s.  This test will help pet owners and their veterinarians to
more quickly identify and begin treatment for dogs affected by Addison’s.

Our 2011 “Be A Saint For Cardigans” fundraiser
provided a $250 donation to the AKC Canine Health Foundation 
to support an all-breed Cushing’s research grant.

THANK-YOU to all who donated to this cause!


Support Autoimmune Disease Research November 1st-December 31st

Support Autoimmune Disease Research

November 1st-December 31st

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