Be A Saint For Cardigans 2013

Our 2013 Fundraiser is now completed.
This year we were able to raise $250 which will be placed in our Be A Saint (BAS) fund
which will eventually be used to start an Acorn Grant with the CHF to support
a Cardigan focused autimmune research project.  The CHF requires a minimum of $1,000
to start such a grant, so we will continue to work towards this goal.

Donors who give $20 or more will receive a handmade ornament as our thank-you. 


Past Be A Saint Sucess

Our 2nd Annual BAS fundraiser for 2012 was able to raise a total of $250
which will help Dr. Marcus Rick in his work to develop an early detection test
for canine Addison’s.  This test will help pet owners and their veterinarians to
more quickly identify and begin treatment for dogs affected by Addison’s.

Our 2011 “Be A Saint For Cardigans” fundraiser
provided a $250 donation to the AKC Canine Health Foundation 
to support an all-breed Cushing’s research grant.

THANK-YOU to all who donated to this cause!


Support Autoimmune Disease Research November 1st-December 31st

Support Autoimmune Disease Research

November 1st-December 31st

Give Back A Little Love for IVDD research.

Today is the start of our 2nd annual fundraiser to support Intervertebral Disk Disease research.  We will be fundraising through April 30th and need your support in fighting this devastating issue.  Please click the paypal link to the right on this blog or click the image below to visit our donation page.  We are also updating our Cafe Press store and should have some new designs to offer soon.


AKC CHF Poll complete

Thank-you to everyone who responded to our request for the AKC CHF poll.  Your input has been very helpful and will assist in guiding the CHF’s funding goals for health research affecting these issues in Cardigans and dogs in general in the future. 

AKC CHF Health Poll

The AKC’s Canine Health Foundation has asked the CWCHF to participate in their annual health poll.

We are asking for feedback from Cardigan owners and breeders on the following questions.

1. What are the top health concerns within your breed?
2. What do you see as the top health concerns for dogs in general?

Please post your response in the comments section below or join us in conversation on this topic on Facebook or you can e-mail us.

We would like to send a response to the CHF by December 14th.

Please feel free to share this post. 

Be A Saint For Cardigans 2012 Fundraiser

This is our 2nd annual event to benefit autoimmune/endocrine research.

This year we will be fundraising in support of a Preclinical Detection test for Addison’s project being conducted by Dr. Markus Rick, Med Vet, PhD at Michigan State University.

Dr. Rick needs funding help with the cost of processing samples already collected from diagnosed Addison’s affected and normal individuals.  With this work he hopes to prove his thesis and develop a test for early detection of Addison’s.  Currently affected individuals often can not be identified until nearly complete loss of endocrine function and they develop life threatening symptoms, so this test would be of great importance toward early detection and treatment as well as helping breeders to screen individuals in their breeding programs.  This would to not only benefit Cardigans, but all dog breeds where Addison’s has been known to occur.

Hand made ornaments will again be offered as a Thank-you for any donations of $20 or more.  See our Donate page for more details.

Support Autoimmune Disease Research November 1st-December 31st