Mission Statement

Fundraising for the purpose of supporting genetic and other health research
to benefit canines, in particular the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. We are not affiliated with
any other Cardigan club or organization, but we are always willing to cooperate
with any who wish to share our goals.


This organization was created by a dedicated group of dog and Cardigan Welsh Corgi fanciers.

Although we believe that the Cardigan is overall a healthy breed, our mission is to assure that good health is maintained into the future by promoting intelligent breeding decisions and an atmosphere of openness in sharing information about health issues.

Our primary goal is to raise donations to benefit research projects which study issues, such as IVDD, DM, cancer and auto-immune diseases, known to affect the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which in turn may ultimately help all breeders to improve the health of their dogs.

We also hope to find ways to make contact between Cardigan breeders/owners and researchers more accessible and health testing more affordable.

If Cardigan breeders are to have a better understanding about where disease genes exist in our breed population, they need information. To this end, the CWCHF hopes to develop an open health database for test results that are not documented elsewhere or are not easily available through other sources, including, but not limited to DM results via DDC and hip ratings via PennHip. We also hope to provide source pages where breeders can share radiographic images which may help in making breeding decisions.

We believe that promoting and supporting these things will improve the lives and health of Cardigan Welsh Corgis around the globe.


Our Officers

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