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Ways you can help the CWCHF.

The easiest way to help is to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and share the links to this website and to our Cafe Press store with others who love the Cardigan Welsh Corgi or even dogs in general. Add a link to our site on your own website or blogroll.  

Another way to help is to participate in health studies and open health registries. Go to our Links and Research pages to find information on registry websites and current research. 

If you are a breeder or even just a pet owner, health testing your dog(s) and participating in open registries, health surveys and research projects are important ways you can make a difference for the breed, now and into the future.

The CWCHF hopes to establish a Research Participant program where cardigan owners and breeders can sign up to be kept informed of research projects seeking dogs for studies. 

This will help us to get larger group samples, which will make it easier to identify genetic markers or find better treatment options.


Write! Create!

The CWCHF Newsletter will soon be in need of volunteers to help write articles.  Please contact our Newsletter committee for more information  on the sort of articles we are currently seeking for upcoming issues.


Donate Stuff!

Donate small, usable items for our Ebay sales. To learn more about what items can be donated and how to donate them, contact our Ebay comittee chair: Jill Rauh.

The CWCHF would also be thrilled to have donations of suitable artwork which can be used on our Cafe Press products and/or items we can offer for sale through our store to help collect donations.


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