Persistent Pupillary Membrane

Persistent Pupillary Membrane


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Treatment Options:  There is no treatment for the membranes themselves and in most cases there are no associated problems. If there is significant edema or “bluing” of the cornea due to adhesions, hyperosmotic eyedrops may help. Surgery may be required if there are extensive cataracts.

Known Mode of Inheritance:  Unknown

Age of onset:  Puppy

Breeds affected: 

  • Cardigan: yes
  • Pembroke: yes
  • Other Breeds: yes

Incidence in Cardigans:  Unknown


  • Cardigans: no
  • Other breeds: no
  • Active?: no

Registry:  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals,

Tests Available:  Physical examination with ophthalmoscope

Published papers and Articles: 


Discussion Groups:  None found 


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